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Speech by H.E. Mr. Dinesh Bhatia, Ambassador of India to Cote d'Ivoire on International Day of Yoga on 21 June 2015 at Abidjan

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Speech by H.E. Mr. Dinesh Bhatia, Ambassador of India to

Cote d'Ivoire on International Yoga Day  on 21 June 2015 at Abidjan

Excellencies, Friends, Colleagues, Acquaitances, Ladies, Gentlemen and the young ones – the future generation of this world.

The whole world has been committed, determined and looking forward to 21 June, the International Day of Yoga. India feels proud of the fact that the United Nations has taken this Mission forward. Last year, 177 countries of the world co-sponsored the UN resolution, and this list includes Cote d’Ivoire.

In effect, India's invaluable heritage became the world's invaluable heritage.  It is an attempt to connect to the We – ourselves, it is an endeavour to connect our world with the universe, an attempt to let the unit of body and soul be felt. 

The world and individuals feel isolated today. There is a growing feeling of being lonely even in a crowd.  A situation is not in our collective interest. To connect is the part of natural order.  Yoga is a medium to connect body to soul.

If we really wish to have a stable, stress-free life, we need to have a stable inner self. The opportunity of stability of inner self comes through practice of Yoga when we attempt to explore our inner self everyday for a certain period of time.  The ways of Yoga make it easier to achieve this feat.

Finally, if a person is able to get rid of stress, society at large will be free of stress. A stress-free society makes for a stress-free human race; and if the human race is free of stress, this universe will certainly be a place to rejoice in a happy, peaceful and harmonious environment. So, a big dream is initiated by a small beginning with Yoga. 

It is beneficial not only for those who believe in preventive health, but also for those who believe in holistic health. Today, some in the young generation are misguided in following the path of violence and suicide, and leading a life of depression. Yoga, we think, is one of the easiest ways to save them. Let us all connect with this great discipline for the welfare of humanity, let us connect with this great heritage.  This is a heritage of the humanity and the world.  It is our responsibility to hand over this great heritage to the future generation in the best possible manner.

On behalf of my wife Mrs Seema Bhatia and on my own behalf, I would like to thank you all for joining today and our best wishes to you on the International Day of Yoga.

Let me take this opportunity to convey my sincerest appreciation and thanks to Madam Diplot Linda for providing this beautiful venue, the Latrille Events, to host today’s function. My deepest thanks also to Bondoukou Mines of Mr Ansu Bajla and SIDI of Mr Rajesh and Pankaj Bedi for partnering with the Embassy to organize today’s International Day of Yoga.

Last but not the least, this entire event would not have been possible without the active support of you all and in particular, the volunteers inside and outside this hall.

I would now like to introduce the three Yoga teachers who will be taking us through the Yoga programme.  I would like to first call Ms. Helena Schouenborg, who is a Yoga practitioner and has a Yoga studio in Deux Plateaux called Nimbah Yoga.  Secondly, I would like to invite Mr. Ibrahim Toure, who is also a Yoga practitioner and a certified Yoga teacher, now based in Abidjan. I would also like to invite on stage Ms. Juliette Ba, who is a radio and TV journalist and a Naturopath besides being a Yoga teacher. She is also based in Abidjan.

Thank you.