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Bilateral brief: India-Cote d’Ivoire

Political: India and Côte d'Ivoire have traditionally enjoyed cordial and friendly relations. India established its Embassy in Abidjan in 1979 and Cote d'Ivoire opened its Resident Mission in New Delhi in September 2004.

2. India and Cote d’Ivoire share an extraordinary convergence of values and aspirations. India and Cote d’Ivoire have been working together on matters of shared interests and concerns, on issues such as, sustainable development, climate change, international terrorism and disarmament. Cote d’Ivoire has also been appreciative of India’s role in United Nations Peacekeeping operations, particularly in UN Peacekeeping Operations in Cote d’Ivoire (UNOCI), which has completed its mandate.

3. Cote d’Ivoire, since 2011, by declaring India as the focus country for cooperation in the fields of ICT, Agriculture, Mining and Infrastructure has emphasized on the importance of strengthening relations with India. India, too has given renewed thrust to bilateral relations with Cote d’Ivoire in the recent years.

4. Cote d’Ivoire has been supportive of India in the UN and other international bodies, particularly in the elections.


4.       The close and friendly relations that exist between India and Cote d’Ivoire are manifested in regular bilateral visits at the highest level:


MoS External Affairs Sh. V. Muraleedharan paid a bilateral visit to Cote d’Ivoire on 06 September 2019.



-Cote d’Ivoire Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energy, HE Excellency Thierry Tanoh Visited India in October 2018 to attend ISA Annual Meeting in Delhi

- Vice President of Cote d’Ivoire H.E Daniel Kablan Duncan visited India from 10-11 March to participate at the ISA Founding Conference.

-MoS External Affairs Sh. M.J. Akbar paid a bilateral visit to Cote d’Ivoire from February 28 -March 1, 2018.


-Vice President of Cote d’Ivoire Mr. Daniel Kablan Duncan visited India from 22-25 May 2017 to participate at the 54th Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB) held in Ahmadabad.



-Honorable Rashtrapathi ji Shri. Pranab Mukherjee visited Cote d’Ivoire in June 2016. This was the first bilateral visit at the level of Head of the State from India.

-Visit of Minister for Digital Economy and Post Mr. Bruno Nabagné Koné in October 2016 to participate in the World Economic Forum meeting.

-The First Joint Commission Meeting held in October 2016 in New Delhi. The Ivorian delegation was led by Foreign Minister Mr. Albert Abdullah Mbari.



-Minister of State for Drinking Water and Sanitation Shri Ram Kripal Yadav visited Abidjan from 13-16 July 2015 as Special Envoy of the Prime Minister to personally handover the invitation for the third India Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi.

-Minister for Mines and Industry Mr. Brou Kassi Jean Claude visited  New Delhi to participate in the IAFS-III in October 2015.



-MOS External Affairs Mrs. Preneet Kaur visited Abidjan from 22-24 January 2014.

-Cote d’Ivoire’s Prime Minister Mr. Daniel Kablan Duncan accompanied by Ministers of Trade and Mines & Industry visited India from 3-7 November 2014 to participate in India Economic Summit in New Delhi.


-Prime Minister Mr. Daniel Kablan Duncan visited India from 17-19 March 2013 and addressed the 9th CII-EXIM Bank Conclave.


Trade and Commerce:

5. Total bilateral trade figures data during the last three years are as follows:





Total (in million US$)













(Data Source: MOC, GOI)

6. India imports cashew, manganese ore, cotton, wood, scrap metals, rubber, etc. CI is the largest producer & exporter of cashew in the world and India imports big chunk of Ivorian cashew. The main items of India's export are rice, pharmaceutical products, Automobiles, machinery, chemicals, plastics and rubber.

Indian Investment in Cote d’Ivoire:

7. Indian investments (FDI) into Cote d’Ivoire (1 January to end November 2018) stood at USD 5.6 million representing 0.9% of total FDI inflow into the country. There are a large number of Indian companies – small and medium size– involved in trading commodities. Few Indian companies have set up manufacturing & assembling facilities while few companies have invested in mining sector. Many Indian pharmaceutical companies have their operations in Cote d’Ivoire. The Embassy of India in Abidjan in collaboration with the Centre de Promotion des Investissements en Côte d'Ivoire (CEPICI), Village des Technologies de l'Information et de la Biotechnologie (VITIB), and Export-Import Bank of India (Exim Bank), organized the 2nd "India-Côte d'Ivoire Business Forum" at the Mahatma Gandhi IT & Biotech Park (MGIT-BP) in Grand Bassam on 27 June 2019 on the sidelines of the of the inauguration ceremony of MGIT-BP. The Business Forum was inaugurated by the Excellency Secretary of State and MD of CEPICI HE Emmanuel Essis. More than 150 Ivorian and Indian businessmen attended the event.

 Projects Exports:

8. Bilateral ties have been strengthened by the expanding South-South Cooperation between the two countries. India extended a grant of US$ 790,000/- for establishment of the Centre for Demonstration and Promotion of Technologies (CDT) in Abidjan in 2007-10. The Mahatma Gandhi IT & Biotechnology Park (MGIT-BP), built by India’s LOC of US$ 20 million, was jointly inaugurated by the Hon’ble Vice President of Cote d’Ivoire His Excellency Daniel Kablan Duncan and the Ambassador of India to Cote d’Ivoire at an Inauguration ceremony in Grand-Bassam, Cote d’Ivoire on 27 June 2019. MGIT-BP is a dedicated Free Trade Zone (FTZ) for IT & Biotechnology. Tata Automobiles have presence in Cote d’Ivoire and had supplied 500 buses to Abidjan Transport Authority under India’s Buyers Credit of USD 78 million USD. Ashok Leyland opened its regional office in December 2017 in Abidjan and is executing a project under India’s Buyers Credit of USD 50 million with Fund for Development of Transport Routes (FDTR), an organization under the Ivorian Ministry of Transport.

Capacity Building and Human Resource Development:

9. India has been providing training slots to Cote d’Ivoire under ITEC Programme, 100 in the year 2018-19. ICCR also extended 10 paid scholarships to Ivorian to pursue undergraduate and post graduate studies in India. Apart from this, several Ivorian students have also undergone training courses under the IAFS mechanism. Under the PAN African e-Network Project of IAFS many Ivorian students have pursued higher studies through distant learning faculties at the University of Cocody. A tele-medical consultation facility with prominent hospitals in India has been established at Yopougon Hospital in Abidjan. GOI has offered the service of the upgraded programme of e-VBAB. India is also an important learning center for Ivorian students, particularly for ICT studies besides Commerce and Management degrees. India is fast becoming an important learning center for Ivorian students, particularly for ICT studies besides Commerce and Management degrees. Around 1500 Ivorian students reported to be pursuing their studies on self-financing basis. 

IAFS Process:

10.  Under the PAN African e-Network Project, many Ivorian students have pursued higher studies through distant learning faculties at the University of Cocody. A tele-medical consultation facility with prominent hospitals in India has been established at Yopougon Hospital in Abidjan.


11. Indian tele-serials and movies, dubbed in French, have been immensely popular in CI since 1950s. Senior Ivorian citizens recall watching movies such as ‘Albela’ and ‘Mangala’ in Abidjan movie theatres in 1950s. Yoga is also popular among Ivoirians. Under Festival of India in Cote d’Ivoire, the Embassy of India organized several cultural performances in Abidjan and other cities in 2017-18. Embassy of India in December 2018 organized an Indian Film Festival where 12 Bollywood popular movies with French subtitles were screened.

Indian Community:

12. There are estimated over 1500 Indian nationals residing in Cote d’Ivoire. Most of them are engaged in trading and general merchandise business while few of them are engaged in mining and manufacturing. There are also many Indians working with African Development Bank. ISKCON, Geeta Ashram and Art of Living have their setup in Abidjan. Indian community also patronizes a temple in Abidjan. There are few Indian restaurants in Abidjan. Community members regularly organized get together to celebrate all major Indian festivals.


(Last updated: 23 September 2019)

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