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Speech of Ambassador H.E.Mr Sailas Thangal at the ceremony of release of commemorative postage stamp of Mahatma Gandhi on October 02, 2019.

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Namaskar, Bonjour, Akwaba, Vanakam, Salam allaikum  & Good evening


Honourable Vice President of Cote d’Ivoire Monsieur Daniel Kablan Duncan, Minister of Monsieur Isaac De, Senior government officials from the government, prominent members of Indian community and my dear friends’ good afternoon and welcome to this significant event of India-Cote d'Ivoire government.


At the outset I thank Vice President for his August presence and thank you one and all for coming joining us.


It is my pleasure and privilege to stand before you and say few words on life and message of the Mahatma Gandhi, Great Soul as he is called, on the occasion of the release of the Commemorative Postage Stamp of Mahatma Gandhi brought out by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Post, Government of Cote d'Ivoire as part of the celebration of his 150th birth anniversary. 


Let me take this opportunity to express, appreciation of the people and the government of India to the Cote d'Ivoire government and Ministry of digital Economy & Post for working together with Embassy of India, in bringing out this commemorative postage stamp. I thanked friends of India and prominent members of Indian community for taking great efforts to cement India-Cote d'Ivoire bilateral relations and cooperation. 


Mahatma Gandhi and his ideology played a vital role in India's independence and referred to him as the Father of the Nation. Mahatma Gandhi was an exceptional leader, a person who stood up on what he believed and practised what he preached. Mahatma Gandhi was a real champion in the fight against inequality and oppression. He was a devout Hindu yet advocated equal respect and appreciation for all Religions. He believed in unity of all mankind & religions and devoted his whole life towards the cause of uniting people across ethnic and religious lines. 


Gandhi's life and message had influenced and inspired many world leaders and continued to do so. His philosophy for humanity, equality, justice and non-violence have gained global recognition. In the year 2007, the United Nations declared Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, the 2nd of October, as the International Day of Non-Violence, and is to celebrated all over the world today.


Gandhi’s teachings also remind us to be the changed that would you want to see in the world. He strongly believed and practiced that all human being has the capability to change his own world. In this context he emphasized the importance of choosing the correct means to achieve your goal. He said” an eye and an eye, would make the whole world blind".  


 Dear friend after 150 years, Mahatma Gandhi’s life, his teachings and ideology continue to inspire and guide the world. As we celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary, let us examine ourselves, choose the right means to achieve our gaol.

With these few words let me once again thank Vice President for his August presence here, Thank Minister Isaac De for taking deep interest in bringing out this commemorative stamp, Thank department of Post and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the wonderful cooperation.


I thank you all.