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Registration of Indian nationals desirous of returning to India

Posted on: May 11, 2020 | Back | Print

The Government of India has started the evacuation of stranded Indians from 07 May 2020. Phases of evacuations are being worked out by the Government of India depending on various conditions and situation wherever compelling cases of stranded Indians are available. The repatriation of stranded Indians from West Africa region has not been finalized yet. Once the evacuation plans for the Indian nationals stranded from West Africa including from Cote d'Ivoire & Liberia are confirmed Embassy would inform the Indian community members.

The Embassy is in the process of registering Indian nationals desirous of returning to India. All Indian nationals stranded in Cote d'Ivoire and Liberia should register themselves by filling up the form on this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZiJdULhH_bAca9KNYVvPKlqUXSXhDK_6bm_3NGB4gcZMNtQ/viewform before 16 May 2020. Priority will be given to the cases in distress, including tourists/visitors stranded, Non-Permanent Residents/Short-term visa holders, pregnant women & elderly, as also those faced with medical emergency, those required to return to India due to death of a family member, migrant workers/ labourers who have been laid off, students-if their educational institutes/hostels are closed, and those facing deportation.

2.     The purpose of this registration is collection advance information to enable the Government of India to plan for return by special flights of Indians stranded due to lock down as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

3.     This form is to be filled for a single individual at a time. For families, a separate form may be filled for each member. Similarly, for companies, a separate form may be filled for each employee. Please fill-in correct details carefully as filling up multiple forms may lead to duplication of records.
4.     All rules and regulations of Government of host Country on departure and Government of India on arrival will need to be strictly followed, especially those related to COVID-19. Before boarding, passengers could be expected to carry a COVID-19 negative certificate. Only asymptomatic travelers will be allowed to board the flight after thermal screening at the departure.

5.     All travelers shall bear the cost of travel, as may be specified by Government of India, and shall give an undertaking (enclosed to the Registration form) that they would undergo mandatory institutional quarantine for a minimum period of 14 days, on arrival in India at their own cost, and that they would be making the journey at their own risk.

6.     Registered Indian Nationals eligible to board repatriation flights would be contacted directly via email/mobile phone/WhatsApp regarding further developments in the possible evacuation process. There is no requirement to send any email to the Embassy after the submission of details.

It is re-emphasised that this form is for the purpose of collection of information only and no plan has been finalized yet by the Government of India for repatriation of stranded Indian nationals from West Africa including from Cote d'Ivoire & Liberia.

Please click on this link to register yourself: