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India International Cooperative Trade Fair (IICTF) to be organised from 11-13 October 2019

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The first ever India International Cooperative Trade Fair (IICTF) is being organised by the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) on 11 – 13 October 2019 in New Delhi.

2. The Trade Fair is aimed at promoting cooperative to cooperative trade between India and countries abroad leading to enhanced rural and farm prosperity. The fair will be packed with conferences, exhibitions, B2B meetings, sales promotion, marketing and products display business, networking, policy advocacy etc., providing an immense opportunity to the participants to collaborate and explore business opportunities with the Cooperative Organisations from India and abroad.

3. A large number of Indian Cooperatives and International Cooperative Organizations are expected to participate in this 3-day event. Apart from having seminars on thematic and sectoral cooperative business issues, the focus sectors of the trade will be, credit and finance services, coop-banking, insurance, cyber-security, technology and capacity building, agri-business and food processing, textiles, packaging, storage, farm machinery, livestock, dairy, fisheries, handlooms, handicrafts, textiles, FMCG, health and hospitality, trade, marketing and brand promotion etc.

4. The Trade Fair offers a huge opportunity for building alliances, business networking, product sourcing and above all, interacting with the primary producers of a wide range of products and service providers.

More details on IICTF may be seen at website _www.iictf.in or _www.ictf.co.in.

Brochure of the event can be downloaded through the link below ...